When an emerging leader in the multifaceted world of proxy solicitation and corporate advisory needed a solution for hosted infrastructure and cybersecurity, they wanted a firm that could do more than just deploy the tools. Their business’ growth required they find a partner that could understand their strategic requirements, and dial-in their technology operations accordingly.

Main Issues
1) The need to be “always on” was critical, especially as their client list grew beyond initial partner contacts and relationships
2) Data retention and nightly backups were an issue as the group struggled with managing growing needs for increased, and offsite data storage capabilities
3) With more “widely known” clients under management, cybersecurity was not just critical to their operations, it was a requirement for many RFP submissions

In initial conversations with the organization’s leadership it became clear the group had a vision for the future, with ambitious growth objectives and drive to dominate a niche marketplace. However, their operational needs, culture and brand were no longer supported by their current level of technology.

They needed a technology partner who could design, implement and support a complete 360-degree technology operations solution that would allow them to meet their short-term strategic objectives and long-term business goals.


Together, the decision was made to stabilize the company’s infrastructure, by providing enterprise-class, secure computing from Mindcore’s Private Business Cloud. This enabled centralization of all company hardware, software & data, providing scalability and a predictable cost model. Data and software applications were migrated, and made accessible through a secure web-portal from anywhere in the world.

Digital backups now run smoothly each night, with regular data imaging and off-site replication for added security and redundancy. The system is tested quarterly, with reports provided to management for assessment. Additionally, all employees have been provided a printed copy of the company’s disaster recovery procedures and know exactly what to do when a business impacting event occurs.

Finally, Mindcore completed a full cybersecurity assessment with recommendations for necessary remediation. Quarterly penetration tests keep leadership aware of vulnerabilities that surface. Monitoring software has been added to the environment, with Mindcore’s 24x7 Security Operations Center observing user behavior and alerting on suspicious activity.

In Conclusion
Through continued conversations about the company’s vision and needs, Mindcore continues to provide the organization with the tools and services needed to remain agile, mobile and competitive in this global market.

The company’s technology infrastructure is directly dialed in with their goals and operational needs, allowing them to expand at an incredibly fast pace, while maintaining centralization and reducing risk. All that was necessary was the support of boutique technology operations company, dedicated to understanding and addressing their unique business challenges.

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