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The lesson to learn from Equifax is its culture. Three takeaways to improve yours…

09.29.2017 | Staff Contributor

With details of the Equifax breach still surfacing, it’s apparent the incident could have been far better contained, if not prevented. As we learn about the culture, a picture emerges of an organization so intensely focused on growth that it […]

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Ransomware: Understand the business model & realize why your organization may be on someone’s list.

09.14.2017 | Staff Contributor

According to a study by Osterman Research, Ransomware ranks as a top security issue facing mid-size organizations in the US, with 74 percent of companies stating they’re “concerned” about the issue. It’s understandable, as roughly 20 percent of companies hit […]

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What Does NY’s New Cybersecurity Regulation Mean for Jersey Businesses?

08.03.2017 | Staff Contributor

Beginning this month, The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYS DFS) is requiring all licensed organizations to “implement a robust cybersecurity plan that protects their business as well as non-public client information…”  Title 23 /Section 500, requires all […]

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Why are You Migrating to the Cloud?

07.10.2017 | Staff Contributor

We’re all aware of the technical advantages cloud computing offers. Accessibility, security, scalability, cost, reliability, etc. But none of these ‘technical benefits’ answer your question – not from a holistic perspective, and that’s the critical piece. Any major infrastructure change […]

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Turning your weakest link into your strongest, that’s transformative!

06.15.2017 | Staff Contributor

Cybersecurity and the importance of employee training & appreciation —  Gartner (@Gartner_inc) defines cybersecurity as “a broad range of practices & concepts designed to protect the data & technology operations of your business.” As criminals continue to target the user […]

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New Jersey State Bar Annual Meeting (May 17 – 19, 2017)

05.01.2017 | Staff Contributor

Join us in the Tech Lounge for a conversation on the importance of technology alignment & how it impacts your firm. The NJSBA Annual Meeting and Convention is the place to be each year for education, CLE credits, networking, the […]

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Implementing a Cybersecurity Solution? How “ARM Strength” dictates posture, and why that matters.

04.17.2017 | Staff Contributor

Moving into the second quarter of 2017, cybersecurity continues to surface as a critical topic of conversation, specifically with and clients and prospects in the insurance, legal and financial industries. With early adopters going through their second (or even third) […]

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Cybersecurity Filings for New York Licensed Organizations

04.10.2017 | Staff Contributor

Your company may be required by New York State to review its cyber profile and implement a cybersecurity plan to assess and remediate vulnerabilities and protect your organization moving forward. The regulation is designed to promote the protection of client information […]

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Mindcore to Present on “Ethics of Data Storage”

03.22.2017 | Staff Contributor

Technology is an integral part of law, and even the ABA has revised their rules to recommend attorneys be technologically competent. Overal, the area presents a number of ethical issues. Join our VP of Sales, Steve Ferman, on Wednesday, May […]

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NJAJ Annual Boardwalk Seminar (April 26 – 28, 2017)

02.12.2017 | Staff Contributor

Are you attending? Drop by and say hi! We’ll be at Booth 209. The three-day seminar is exclusively designed to meet the continuing educational requirements of trial attorneys and features outstanding local and regional speakers along with top national speakers. […]

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