Cloud & Cybersecurity Provides Alignment & Fosters Growth

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Cloud & Cybersecurity Provides Alignment & Fosters Growth

Cloud & Cybersecurity Provides Alignment & Fosters GrowthOverviewWhen an emerging leader in the multifaceted world of proxy solicitation and corporate advisory needed a solution for hosted infrastructure and cybersecurity, they wanted a firm that could do more than just deploy the tools. Their business’ growth required they find a partner that could understand their strategic requirements, and match their technology operations accordingly.Main Issues

1) The need to be “always on” was critical, especially as their client list grew beyond initial relationships

2) Data retention and nightly backups needed to be addressed, as the group coped with managed storage capabilities

3) With more widely known clients under management cybersecurity was not just critical to operations, it was a requirement for RFP’sAnalysis In initial conversations with leadership, it was clear the group had a vision for the future with ambitious growth objectives and drive to dominate a niche marketplace. They needed a technology partner who could compliment their internal IT department and help implement a complete/holistic solution, allowing them to meet their short-term strategic objectives and long-term business goals. Together, the decision was made to migrate the company’s existing infrastructure to an enterprise-class, secure cloud model. This enabled centralization of all company hardware, software & data, providing scalability and a predictable cost model. Data and software applications were migrated, and made accessible through a secure web-portal from anywhere in the world.

Digital backups now run smoothly each night, with regular data imaging and replication for added security and redundancy. The system is tested quarterly, with reports provided to management for assessment. Additionally, all employees have been provided a printed copy of the company’s disaster recovery procedures and know exactly what to do when a business impacting event occurs.

Finally, Mindcore completed a full cybersecurity assessment with recommendations for remediation. Quarterly penetration tests keep leadership aware of vulnerabilities that surface, and a 24×7 Security Operations Center is available to monitor suspicious activity and assist as necessary. Results The firm’s technology infrastructure is now exactly dialed into their operational needs. Flexibility, scalability, and an enterprise-class cybersecurity program allow the group to increase its offering and target larger and more complex clientele.

Additionally, with all infrastructure removed from their offices, the company is completely cloud-based. Employees are able to easily collaborate, share files, and have greater control over document security. Through ongoing conversations, Mindcore continues to provide the organization with the tools and services needed to remain agile and competitive in this highly competitive global market.

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