Outsourcing IT Operations to Achieve Transformation

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Outsourcing IT Operations to Achieve Transformation

Outsourcing IT Operations to Achieve TransformationOverview When a national organization serving a worldwide community of athletes through rules-governance, championships, and other initiatives needed to transform their technology operations, they were referred to Mindcore.

With more than a century of tradition and history, this organization prides itself on promptness and professionalism. However, their technology services and IT support standards had not been updated to match the brand. Their need for a more efficient and centralized approach was causing distractions, lost productivity, and downstream issues. Leadership identified that it was time to outsource the day-to-day IT operations, minimizing background noise and regaining valuable creative time in order to work on business impacting projects and quality-of-life issues. They engaged Mindcore and our Operations as a Service Team.

In order to deliver a white-glove service, consistent with the brand and belief system, a transformation was needed. Primary Issues & Concerns

1) The technology services desk and user support desk were inefficient, cumbersome and lacked a structure to allow for reporting, management visibility or trend-spotting.

2) The IT staff & leadership were focused on the day-to-day activity and needed time back to plan and implement big-picture projects. Processes needed re-engineering in order to achieve goals.

3) The need for portability and an “always-on” model were critical.

4) Lack of documentation was making support difficult. Workflows and processes were hard to implement. Institutional knowledge was being lost in the cracks.

5) A hub for members around the globe, the organization’s “operations call-center” required modernizing, with data-driven reports to help continuously streamline processes. Analysis Following best practices is necessary for any business. But what about when you’re not just any business? As a mid-size organization with over 300 employees and a global network of vendors, members, and partners the need to be at the top of your game is critical.

Given the group’s legacy and historical significance, it was important that they move toward the future, from a continued position of strength. Their technology needed to align with the operational needs of the business, culture and brand. They needed a partner who could design, implement and support IT solutions to help them meet their strategic objectives and long-term business goals. Solutions & Results As project managers and technologists, we excel at identifying inefficiencies in workflows and process. Working with senior leadership, we crafted a plan to overhaul their technology operations, transforming their IT service, support, and framework from the inside out.

  • Using our managed services model as a template, we worked with their internal IT department to migrate our systems and processes into their environment. Streamlining their entire setup, positive results were almost instantaneous and increased productivity was noticed by all staff.
  • With full access to our team, their network managers worked with our senior engineers and project managers to identify all redundancies, prioritize issues, and remediate accordingly. After restructuring the service and support desk, we streamlined operations and reduced staffing costs by 40 percent. Today, the organization operates with a high level of efficiency.
  • After taking the time to analyze a mission critical legacy call system, our team reengineered a more efficient platform to better meet the group’s current workload and requirements. Providing true mobility, along with in-depth reporting and analysis, the software offers the group a managed and central location for all client support needs and questions.

Conclusion Applying technology solutions to “real-world problems” is what we do. By allowing us the trust to apply our knowledge and processes to their business environment, we transformed the organization.

Through continued conversations about the company’s vision and needs, Mindcore continues to provide the organization with the tools and services needed to remain agile, mobile and competitive in this global market.

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