8 Ways to give your business the IT flexibility it needs with Desktops as a Service

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Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is the virtualization of a personal computer, or desktop, in the same way that most organizations have virtualized their servers. It’s a cloud-based computing service where the back end of virtual desktops are hosted and provided by a cloud service provider.

In order to meet the increasing demands of customers, organizations are rapidly moving toward an always connected workplace. A workplace where employees can access their work from anywhere and on any device.

Today, businesses are turning to Cloud Desktop as a Service (DaaS) to provide their employees access to all of their apps and data needed to get their job done.

Here are eight reasons why businesses are moving to Cloud DaaS.

1. Enable cost-effective IT

Cloud DaaS delivers apps and desktops globally from the cloud. This eliminates capital expenses for maintaining a datacenter while only paying for what you use, with the common pay-as-you-go or annual pricing model. License upgrades and servers are also removed from your budget almost entirely.

Additionally, when your desktop is in the cloud, you spend less time maintaining and managing your IT system. With  cloud desktop service in place, you will free up your internal IT team to work on business impacting projects rather than the day to day servicing of local infrastructure and application support.

2. Access work from any device

Cloud DaaS enables and enhances remote productivity because cloud desktops can be accessed from any secure browser or via a small downloadable application.

Employees can access their work using an iPad, tablet, mobile phone, Chromebook, laptop or desktop and are no longer tethered to a physical computer in a fixed location. Instead, employees can access their files from any computer or mobile device.

3. Deliver great user experience

Workers receive a high-definition experience from their Windows apps and desktops at work, home, or anywhere in the world they choose to do business.

Cloud DaaS can deliver graphic-intensive applications or simple desktops side by side, giving your users the right desktop for the right occasion.

4. Provide desktops to remote or temp employees

When an employee leaves a company, there’s no need to spend the time wiping and reconfiguring the computer. Instead, a new virtual desktop can be provisioned, and the old desktop can be retired in a matter of minutes.

You can rapidly provision apps and desktops for remote contractors or seasonal workers and then easily shut them down when not in use.

5. Centralize and simplify application delivery

Applications are centrally managed and delivered to the workforce using one simple interface. Cloud  DaaS unifies software delivery methods, simplifying connecting to one single portal for both access and management.

IT can deliver all applications, regardless of the delivery method chosen, from a centralized portal. This also reduces the number of places where users get software, making the user-experience safer and more enjoyable.

6. Improving security and compliance

Rather than important company information stored on each device, with Cloud DaaS your sensitive information is stored in the cloud. If a device is stolen, IT will simply wipe the computer from their centralized point of management. Additionally, the employee who lost the device can get to work again right away using a different device.

With the right service provider, you can also store your applications and data in ISO and HIPPAA compliant data centers, without having to do the back-end work of establishing and maintaining compliance.

7. Keep business continuity during weather events

Scale up desktops as needed for weather-related events such as a snow day without additional CapEx expenses. Once the event is done, you can quickly decommission them, only paying for what you use, as you use it.

If hardware were to go down, there’s no need to worry about files getting destroyed or lost. With Cloud dDaS, data is not deleted (unless intentionally) and can be easily recovered.

Considering a DaaS model?

Before you decide to implement the DaaS model, be sure to work with a trusted IT provider to evaluate your specific needs to avoid overspending or under-purchasing. You should begin by first understanding your specific performance needs. For example, do your employees render complex 3D animation, meaning they’ll need high-powered vCPUs?

When you’re clear on your application needs, you can have a plan developed that deploys the proper mix of high and low powered virtual desktops. And, as always, be sure to pick a provider that has significant experience and expertise in DaaS. This choice will have a massive impact on the success of your cloud desktop migration.

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