Cybersecurity – Maintain a Ready Position!

According to a 2017 USA Today report, 60% of organizations will go out of business within six months of a cyber attack, yet 90% fail to adequately protect their corporate and client data.*

While most business leaders agree that doing nothing is not an option, few people know where to begin. We’re here to help! This video of our recent cybersecurity webinar helps explain why corporate stakeholders must remain vigilant and ready.

Covered Topics Include

Three certainties: Death, Taxes, & Cyberattacks
The first step to any proper cybersecurity strategy
Cybersecurity failures across people, process, and technology
From prevention to detection, why your businesses must shift its security focus

At Mindcore, we believe a healthy approach to cybersecurity means that when a cyber-criminal does attempt to disrupt your business, you’re up on your toes, not back on your heels – ready position. When it comes to cybersecurity, posture & preparedness are everything.

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