The lesson to learn from Equifax is its culture. Three takeaways to improve yours…

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With details of the Equifax breach still surfacing, it’s apparent the incident could have been far better contained, if not prevented. As we learn about the culture, a picture emerges of an organization so intensely focused on growth that it failed to pay appropriate respect to basic IT services and best practices.

A tough lesson to learn in the public forum, the failures at Equifax should serve as your opportunity to look inward and calibrate your culture (as it relates to IT services and maintenance) against your risk.

It’s a false belief that cybercriminals have the upper hand in today’s technology landscape. Yes, anyone can be hacked. But if your IT Services Desk is disciplined, your processes refined, your people well-trained, and your disaster recovery plan tested and documented, then your cybersecurity posture is correct and your business is ready to respond to an attack.

Developing and effectively integrating these strategies and tactics is not just a technical challenge, but a cultural challenge, as well. With that in mind, here are three takeaways with actionable items to help you evaluate and improve your cybersecurity.

Process and systems are beyond essential; they’re fundamental. Is your business taking a standardized approach to IT maintenance and services? Have you integrated software for automation and minimized human intervention? Is there uniformity and consistency across all devices and platforms? Is documentation mandatory? Start at the fundamentals and everything else will follow.

You’re not invincible, and neither is your company. As your company grows it’s easy to forget the basics. Make it a priority to regularly evaluate your cybersecurity protocols and your corporate culture. Involve key staff and consider developing a technology advisory committee. Keep everyone well trained and informed.

Discipline and process require investment. There is a cost to managing and maintaining technology, and this holds true for internal IT teams or outsourced solutions. Additionally, while talented in many ways, internal IT departments simply can’t match the scalability, accuracy, and speed most IT firms have mastered through their managed offerings. Whichever way you go, be realistic about the expected end results.

As cybercrime intensifies, so must your tactics, your technology operations, and your commitment to cybersecurity. This means adopting a culture that may be very different than the one in which you operate today. We recognize this isn’t always easy, we hope you recognize its importance.

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