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As consumers stampede toward digital insurance channels, agencies and independent brokers are facing marked changes in customer expectations. Even clients traditionally loyal to independent brokers are flocking to the new, always-on marketplace with automated technologies to handle even the most diverse needs.

If your agency hasn’t felt the pinch from your customer, you’ll feel it when your carriers invest in alternative service methods.

Earnst & Young rated “technology” as a “10” on a 1-10 scale of importance for insurance agencies and brokers in its recent State of the Industry Report. “As digital service models become more common in other industries,” the report says “the property-casualty sector must align to the rising expectations of consumer and commercial customers…”

Access for Clients & Agents

Customers demand around-the-clock availability, easy access to policy information, and reliable communication with agents. Agents require secure access to real-time data from any device, on platforms that run smoothly regardless if they’re in the office, at a client location, or on the road. Like it or not, your products have become commoditized. Your differentiator is still “trust”, but the “strong handshake” is virtual, not physical.

Hosted Software for your Agency

Our insurance partners rely on sophisticated software platforms to manage the operations of their business. Handling multiple product offerings from an array of carriers while effectively managing client accounts and administering payments to producers requires advanced systems that integrate easily onto all aspects of your agency.

With a multitude of solutions to choose from, the choice of where the application should “live” is always the most critical. How will it integrate with other line-of-business applications? What about business continuity, data backup, and disaster recovery? Can a software provider manage a cloud infrastructure built for your business?

Why Technology Alignment is Critical

By working together with agency stakeholders, we improve workflows, advance automation, simplify data storage, and document disaster recovery.

From determining a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy and administering access controls, to properly managing software updates, to correctly implanting cloud-based solutions, the conversation must always be underpinned with the organization’s strategic needs.

Operating in Times of Crisis

Perhaps unique to the insurance industry is the need to be accessible and operational during times of crises or natural disasters. And, as these situations become more frequent customers will become less tolerant.
Business continuity means ensuring secure access for staff and clients when skies are clear, and when they’re tumultuous.

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