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Marketing & Public Relations

When deadline’s loom and employees, partners, contributors, and clients are spread across the country (or the globe) file sharing must be seamless, collaboration must be effortless, and your systems must be intuitive, secure, worry-free, and accessible to all parties on a variety of devices.

When data security is paramount and accessibility critical, your technology solution must be wholly integrated into all parts of your agency. We understand the needs of marketing and public relations agencies and have a history of serving some of the largest and most successful public relations firms in the country.

Flexibility without Compromising Process

Large media files that demand bandwidth can’t be stored in the cloud, so how do you facilitate collaboration? How do you ensure business continuity? How do you manage the many software platforms providing critical analytics for clients and staff? What is an appropriate BYOD policy for an industry packed with young technophiles eager to get their hands on the latest in connectivity and collaboration tools?

This is IT beyond break & fix. This is technology operations, strategy, security, and budget. This is how we support our partners in marketing and PR.

Cybersecurity for the PR Professional

Whether it’s protecting sensitive client information, preventing denial of service attacks against websites, guarding against ransom attacks or educating employees, a healthy and proactive approach to cybersecurity means when a criminal does try to disrupt your business you’re on the balls of its feet, not your heels.

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