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When you work with clients all over the globe and when each one of those clients has their own deadline, your technology needs to be flawless. That means that in order to excel in your industry, your file sharing has to be seamless, your collaboration effortless, your systems institutive and most of all–your data must be secure.

We understand the needs and challenges facing today’s marketing and public relations agencies. It’s why we have a proven track record of serving some of the largest and most successful public relations firms in the country.

How can you best facilitate collaboration when you’re working with clients and staff off-site? How do you ensure business continuity? How do you manage all the software platforms that provide critical analytics you rely on? What’s the appropriate BYOD policy for an industry loaded with young technophiles who are eager to get their hands on the latest in connectivity and collaboration tools?

At Mindcore, we can help you answer each one of those questions and more.

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