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Cybersecurity Ready Position

Cybersecurity – Maintaining a Ready Position!

01.15.2018 |

According to a 2017 USA Today report, 60% of organizations will go out of business within six months of a cyber attack, yet 90% fail to adequately protect their corporate and client data.* While most business leaders agree that doing […]

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Five ways Website Filtering will protect your business this holiday season, and beyond…

12.21.2017 | Staff Contributor

For businesses across the country, the holiday season means employee focus and productivity is dropping as fast as the mercury! What’s worse, criminals and bad actors looking to take advantage of online shoppers are more active and more creative, putting […]

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Cybersecurity & Your Culture

Cybersecurity & Corporate Culture; Mindcore Featured in Coil World Magazine

11.27.2017 | Staff Contributor

We’re proud to announce our article on Cybersecurity and Corporate Culture was featured in this month’s issue of Coil World ( A publication dedicated to the coil coating and processing industry, the article is certainly appropriate for any business. Click the […]

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Cloud Migration Pitfalls

Avoiding the Pitfalls of a Cloud Migration

11.17.2017 | Staff Contributor

As we move into the “Late Majority” phase of Cloud adoption (see Everett Rogers’ Theory of Diffusion Scale) many organizations find themselves struggling to make the jump from a few dispersed Cloud applications, to a fully integrated Cloud solution. One […]

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Deploy a managed antivirus

Why Deploy a Managed Antivirus Solution? Four ways you’ll benefit (& one you won’t expect!)

10.25.2017 | Staff Contributor

With a multitude of software choices available, the challenge for CIOs and IT directors isn’t necessarily how to safeguard their organization, but rather how to effectively manage their security solution and ensure their infrastructure, and an ever-changing list of end […]

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The lesson to learn from Equifax is its culture. Three takeaways to improve yours…

09.29.2017 | Staff Contributor

With details of the Equifax breach still surfacing, it’s apparent the incident could have been far better contained, if not prevented. As we learn about the culture, a picture emerges of an organization so intensely focused on growth that it […]

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Ransomware: Understand the business model & realize why your organization may be on someone’s list.

09.14.2017 | Staff Contributor

According to a study by Osterman Research, Ransomware ranks as a top security issue facing mid-size organizations in the US, with 74 percent of companies stating they’re “concerned” about the issue. It’s understandable, as roughly 20 percent of companies hit […]

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What Does NY’s New Cybersecurity Regulation Mean for Jersey Businesses?

08.03.2017 | Staff Contributor

Beginning this month, The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYS DFS) is requiring all licensed organizations to “implement a robust cybersecurity plan that protects their business as well as non-public client information…”  Title 23 /Section 500, requires all […]

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Why are You Migrating to the Cloud?

07.10.2017 | Staff Contributor

We’re all aware of the technical advantages cloud computing offers. Accessibility, security, scalability, cost, reliability, etc. But none of these ‘technical benefits’ answer your question – not from a holistic perspective, and that’s the critical piece. Any major infrastructure change […]

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Turning your weakest link into your strongest, that’s transformative!

06.15.2017 | Staff Contributor

Cybersecurity and the importance of employee training & appreciation —  Gartner (@Gartner_inc) defines cybersecurity as “a broad range of practices & concepts designed to protect the data & technology operations of your business.” As criminals continue to target the user […]

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