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Mindcore is a leading IT consulting company in Delray Beach, Florida, providing effective IT consulting services and managed IT services. Our Delray Beach IT consulting services solve your IT problems, transform your cloud workflow, and give you access to expert cyber security solutions and collaboration tools.

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We know how easy it is for technology problems to slow you down. We can give you the solutions you need to get back on track.

Delray Beach IT Consultants

Our President and CEO, Matt Rosenthal, and our IT consultants in Delray Beach, FL focus on streamlining your IT operations and aligning your business processes with your technology. Our experts are committed to giving expert IT advice and solutions that help boost your company’s performance and support your IT environment. We work with you to understand your industry and design and deploy a plan that meets every one of your IT goals through our managed IT services and IT consulting services. 

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Managed IT Services in Delray Beach

Our Delray Beach IT consulting firm provides comprehensive consulting services and managed IT services for cloud computing, cyber security, and Microsoft 365. We manage your cloud migration, Microsoft 365 integration, as well as update your network and IT security to protect your business from cyber threats. Our experts provide daily recommendations and regularly manage your programs, networks, and systems in order to maximize business continuity and company productivity.

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Microsoft 365 Management

As Microsoft Partners, we provide expert Microsoft 365 consulting and management solutions in Delray Beach, FL. Our consultants recommend what plan works best for your business to help your company collaborate and communicate efficiently. Our team will fully manage your Microsoft 365 suite of collaboration tools to help streamline your company’s workflow.

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Cloud Services

Our cloud services in Delray Beach allow you to store and access company data through the internet on our cloud-based servers. You can access your data from any device with our cloud computing technology through cloud and web-based applications that are scalable and reliable. Our IT consultants also provide expert cloud-based solutions on everything from cloud migrations to cloud security.

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Cyber Security Services

Our cyber security services in Delray Beach prevent and protect your company from experiencing cyber attacks by managing and monitoring your devices and network’s security. Our cyber security consultants secure your IT infrastructure through multi-factor authentication, network monitoring, and penetration testing to protect your business from a cyber threat.

IT Consulting Services in Delray Beach

Our IT consultants in Delray Beach give you expert advice on how to align your technology with your business goals. We take the time to understand your company and provide you with industry-specific IT solutions to make your company operate in the most efficient way possible. We’ll solve your IT problems through the following IT consulting services we offer in Delray Beach.

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Business Continuity Planning

We create business continuity plans for companies in Delray Beach that restore critical business functions in the event of an unexpected disaster. We create a system of procedures to help your business recover from disasters such as security breaches, service outages, natural disasters, or other potential internal or external threats.

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Business Process Consulting

Our business process consulting services in Delray Beach help create productivity improvements in your company. We create custom process solutions that improve the way your employees, resources, and technology operate and work together. Our consultants will work with your company to develop repeatable processes and systems that streamline your workflows and IT operations.

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Virtual CIO

You no longer need to hire a costly in-house chief information officer when you can use our virtual chief information officer (vCIO) services in Delray Beach. We collaborate with your IT department virtually to give expert consulting advice on how to streamline your IT operations through action planning, budget planning, regular compliance checks, and network health reports.

IT Consulting Firm in Delray Beach, FL

Our professional IT experts in Delray Beach, FL provide you with personalized IT consulting and managed services that help your company operate at its best. We offer our IT services to the following areas in Florida:

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