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Backup and Disaster Recovery

From best-in-class infrastructure and encrypted data protection software tools, to user education and communication, we take our responsibility for keeping all your information safe & secure seriously.

No matter the instance where your technology has the potential to be compromised, our relationship as your business partner means the security solutions we deploy to protect your most critical assets meet the exact operational requirements of your business. Moreover, these solutions are documented and regularly tested.

According to reports, more than 65 percent of businesses that can’t resume full operations within 72 hours of a disaster are not likely to survive. However, reporting shows that more than 70 percent of nightly backups fail. System tests are almost never completed, and worse yet, more than 90 percent of organizations operate without a documented disaster recovery plan.

How prepared are you? Would you know what to do if a fire, flood, electrical malfunction, act of man or act of nature took down your IT infrastructure? What if it happened tomorrow? What if it happened in 30 seconds? How much data will you lose? How quickly until your able to return to operations as usual? What kind of disruption will you experience and how much money will you lose?

Our clients know the answer to every one of these questions, and they know exactly how their business will be impacted when a disaster occurs. Most importantly, they operate without concern because their individualized operational needs are built into their customized cybersecurity package.

Since the advent of the hard-drive, backup and disaster recovery issues have plagued businesses of all sizes. Critical information your organization counts on, and sometimes takes for granted, wiped away in a millisecond. Can it be retrieved? How long till you can get it back? How much information will be lost? What will the financial impact be?

Our clients don’t assume that they won’t be targeted or hit by a cyber criminal, or even a rogue employee. But they know in advance what the impact will be, and they know exactly what to do when something does happen.

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