Cloud Migration Consulting

Migrating to the cloud can save your business money and make you more competitive, but getting there can be tricky. Ensure seamless transition for your business with the help of one of Mindcore’s cloud migration consultants in NJ.

A Reliable Cloud Migration Strategy Delivers:
99.999% Uptime
Risk Management
Lower Cost and Predictable Budget

Why Should Your Business Consider Moving to the Cloud?

Cloud migrations are when a company moves its data centers to the cloud, most commonly to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure. Cloud computing services are most commonly known for their superior scalability, easy workflow, and IT support – meaning your performance can improve, while also reducing costs. Standard benefits of moving to the cloud include:

  • Guarantees business continuity and disaster recovery.
  • Greater reliability than on premise solutions.
  • Less investment in support and maintenance.
  • More built in security options.
  • Delivers the ultimate remote work experience.
  • You can access the cloud from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Mindcore’s Cloud Migration Services Help Your Team:

  • Design the cloud model that fits your business needs
  • Determine costs and timeline for the migration project
  • Determine reoccurring monthly cloud costs post implementation
  • Eliminate risks and pitfalls that could impact your business during a cloud migration
  • Perform a comprehensive discovery which minimizes the risk of compatibility issues.
  • Install and integrate 3rd party applications and legacy systems
  • Re-educate your team and its processes to incorporate the cloud
  • Plan and execute the implementation and deployment
  • Design a training program for end users
  • Assist with change management among the user base and key stakeholders

The Need for Cloud Migration Consulting

Cloud migration offers many advantages to moving workloads to the cloud, but how do you know if it’s right for your organization?  If so, which cloud is best?  How do you get there? Once you’ve moved to the cloud, then what? Mindcore’s Cloud Migration experts will take you through this process with confidence.

Here’s how to get started with your Cloud Migration.

Our clients choose us for our expertise, and they stay for the customer service.
Schedule a Call

We can help you better understand what your needs are with the cloud, so you can have clear business objectives.

Form a Migration Plan

Your consultant will work closely with you to create a roadmap that demonstrates the most risk averse and cost effective migration plan.

Maximize Your Performance

Take your Cloud Migration to the next level and get ahead of your competition by leveraging the power of our entire suite of cloud services.

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