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Migrating your critical business infrastructure, data, and workloads to the cloud is extremely beneficial for efficiency, performance, and cost considerations. Mindcore’s cloud security managed services in New Jersey and Florida are tailored to your organization’s unique requirements and provide the proactive monitoring needed to ensure that you’re always one step ahead.

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud security is the protection of data, applications, and infrastructures involved in cloud computing systems such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Cloud computing has become a standard practice for businesses who are looking to increase innovation and collaboration efforts. Cloud security refers to the measures taken to safeguard digital assets and cloud-stored data against unauthorized use/access, distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, theft, malware, and other cybersecurity threats. The way cloud security is delivered depends on the individual cloud provider or the types of cloud security solutions in place.

Why to consider application virtualization

Experienced Cloud Solution Provider

When you work within the cloud, all of your data can be accessed through the internet and cloud platforms are constantly updated to the latest operating system so you work confidently from wherever you are. Our IT professionals have years of experience and will work directly with you to understand your current cloud security infrastructure, make thoughtful recommendations, and implement customized solutions specific to your business needs. We’ll ensure any vulnerabilities found are addressed immediately and that you understand each step taken to enhance your cloud security capabilities.

Types of Cloud Security

Cloud security is a shared responsibility between the business owner and solution provider, whether you are using a public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment.
Public Clouds

Public clouds are hosted by third-party cloud service providers and generally accessible through web browsers on a pay-per-use basis. They are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses with a tight budget requiring a quick and easy platform to deploy IT capabilities.

Private Clouds

Private clouds are usually dedicated and accessible to only a single organization, offering a more controlled and centralized IT environment. They can be more expensive, but for larger businesses they provide a higher level of security and more autonomy.

Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid clouds combine aspects of public and private clouds, providing a more tailored IT solution that meets specific goals. Organizations will still be able to tap into the scalability and other benefits of the public cloud when needed.


Multi-clouds are a more complex hybrid cloud solution that combines a private cloud with multiple public cloud services. Organizations can accomplish several goals at once without having to radically expand or rethink their existing infrastructure.

Our Cloud Security Managed Services

Cloud-based security refers to the software as a service (SaaS) delivery model of security services, which are hosted in the cloud rather than deployed via on-premise hardware or software. Businesses must take the necessary precautions to secure their data by creating strong passwords and utilizing multi-factor authentication (MFA), and limiting the number of people who can access sensitive company information. Service providers are in charge of ensuring that a client’s database and system applications are safe at all times.


Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and access management (IAM) tools and services allow companies to deploy policies and protocols for all users attempting to access both on-prem and cloud-based services. The main functionality of IAM is to create digital identities for all users so they can be actively monitored and restricted when and where necessary.


Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a set of tools and services designed to ensure the security of cloud data. DLP solutions use a combination of remediation alerts, data encryption, and other preventive measures to protect all stored data from being compromised by authorized users.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Security information and event management (SIEM) is a comprehensive security solution that automates threat monitoring, detection, and response in cloud-based environments. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), SIEM technology gives IT departments the ability to apply their network security protocols and quickly react to any potential threats.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Regardless of the security measures your organization has in place for its on-prem and cloud-based infrastructure, data breaches and network outages still occur. Disaster recovery plans are vital to cloud security and provide you with the tools and resources necessary to expedite the recovery of lost data and resume normal operations.

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