Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scans for Businesses

Are you prepared to deal with the consequences of a cybersecurity breach? Fortify your cybersecurity by running penetration tests on current security systems. Don’t react after the fact, find and remediate all potential risks with penetration tests and vulnerability scans.

Bulletproof your environment and protect your data

Identify any weaknesses
Secure your data
Solidify your company’s future

What is Penetration Testing in Cyber Security?

Penetration testing, also known as a pen test or ethical hacking, is a white hat hacking approach that a business utilizes to test the current security of an organization’s systems. These are typically performed by third-parties with no previous knowledge of the security system, which allows for existing problems to be most effectively discovered and then remediated. This positions the firm to look at the remediation steps that are necessary to resolve existing problems.

Why does this matter for my business?

Everything has changed. Today’s work landscape is now digital. Not only is business continuity as important as ever, cybersecurity is equally as important.

Which penetration test works for you?

Depending your company’s business requirements, userbase, and network design, Mindcore’s teams will create a strategy to fit your needs. Examples of some approaches are:

  • Blind pen test:
    • The hacker carrying out the test will have no background information regarding your company outside of its name.
  • White box pen test:
    • Some information is provided about the company’s security in order to guide the potential methods of an attack.
  • Double blind pen test:
    • A covert test where few people at the company will know the test is occurring increases the chance of catching your systems unaware.
  • External pen test:
    • The penetration team will target any technology such as websites or servers, but will never be able to enter the business.
  • Internal pen test
    • Assess the potential damage that a disgruntled employee could potentially do from within by enabling the hacker to operate within the internal network.

No business is safe from cybersecurity risks.

Every business must know if a potential cybersecurity risk exists. The only way to know if your business is at risk, is to do penetration testing and vulnerability scans as part of an overall cybersecurity plan. This is a time to take this more seriously than ever before.

Ready to get started? We’re here to help.

Let’s get to work right away so that we can uncover exactly what risks exist in your company.
Arrange your Pen test

As part of your cybersecurity services with Mindcore, we’ll assign one of our experts best suited for you to run your pen test. Depending on the type of business and security you have, the type of pen test varies.


Our team will gather data on your systems to plan out their simulated attack, which may include brute force attacks or social engineering techniques, such as phishing.

Report & Present Findings and Recommendations

Based on the results, we will compile a remediation plan along with a budget that will address all issues.

Remediate and Secure

Based on the results, Mindcore will resolve all security risks that were identified. We’ll then provide recommendations and a plan to ensure that best practices are in place.

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