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Our Virtual CIO

Thrive, survive, or die. Your business will do one of the three, and the difference always comes down to strategy. Our clients understand thriving means staying in full command of their entire organization at all times. Leaders, decision makers or owners that meet regularly with their attorney to discuss exposure, or their CPA to understand their financial position are the same that meet with our virtual CIO to discuss IT strategy and technology alignment.

If your organization doesn’t employ a CFO, you work with a CPA. If you don’t have an in-house council, you consult with an attorney. What if you don’t have a Chief Information Officer or a Vice President of Technology? Do you ignore that part of the business? Moving quickly toward 2020, this is not a cost saving solution for any enterprise.

A CIO or virtual CIO brings a level of technology understanding and advancement. The expertise allows for technology/business alignment, stronger security and privacy, faster and more accurate technology deployments, innovation and innovative problem solving, greater business productivity, efficiency, agility, flexibility, stronger technology controls, technology cost reductions just to name a few.

Individual components of a business that typically “operate in silos”, must also be able to collaborate. Leaders that set aside time for strategic discussion with other executives within their organization understand this.

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