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Projects can be hard to manage alongside everything else you have going on. Project Management IT gives you access to the experts so you can outsource the heavy-lifting and get back to doing what you do best.

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Understanding IT Project Management

Project Management is the process of outsourcing the management, organization, accountability and execution of an IT project so that you can better achieve your business goals. In today’s marketplace, IT projects have become more and more complex as technologies evolve at a rapid pace. In order for you to achieve your business goals, it’s imperative for your projects to be completed on time and on budget. That’s why more and more companies turn to professional project managers who can help them get the job done.

So, what does project management for IT mean for your business?

It means that with all the technological changes taking place, hiring a project manager can one of the most effective ways for your business to achieve your business goals. A good project manager will give you the support you need to get back to doing things only you can do. It can also save you thousands of dollars by ensuring your projects are done right the first time.

Experience the benefits of proper project management.

By utilizing proper project management for your IT operations, you can experience reduced workloads, reduced costs, improved collaboration, improved performance, and faster resolution of your problems. All of this combines into a better final result for your customers.

Take the guesswork out of managing your IT projects

In 2016, nearly $1 billion was invested in projects, but almost 10% was lost due to poor project performance. Mindcore has a proven track record on IT projects, improving communication, refining priorities and objectives, and ensuring the right resources for success, all while keeping careful consideration of your budget.

Project Management Services cover:

  • Software Integrations
  • Hardware Installations
  • Network Upgrades
  • Data Migrations
  • Cloud Migration
  • Budget Planning
  • Defining Project Scope
  • Risk Management

Get matched with the right manager for you.

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Set up a call today and we schedule a project or help you understand the benefits of outsourcing to a project manager.

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We'll introduce you to your project manager who is uniquely suited to help you reach your IT and business goals.

Improve Efficiency

Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your projects will be completed on time and on budget–every time.

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Why choose Mindcore?

Still have some hesitations about whether hiring a IT project manager is the right move for you? Check out all the ways a project manager can help support you.

Maximize Your Time

Spend less time micromanaging and more time doing the things only you can do.

Lower Your Costs

Save money by completing your projects in the most efficient way possible.

Boost Your Performance

Streamline your operations so that your team can be more productive.

Simplify Your IT

Don't get bogged down with complex projects and runaway timelines.

Do it Right the First Time

Know that your projects will be done the right way, the first time–every time.

Grow Your Business

Complete your projects on time so that you can get back to growing your business.

Trusted by the New York/New Jersey Region’s Leading Companies.

Get the highest-rated IT solutions from the region's most trusted IT consultants.

It's Time to Simplify Your IT

You don't have to dread your next IT project. We can manage it for you.

Do you know the scope of your next project? Do you know all the latest risks involved? Have you listed out your contingencies, milestones and deadlines? Do you have a set budget? Do you know how you will measure and present success? How about all your knowns, unknowns or unknown unknowns? If those questions overwhelm you, we can help. We pride ourselves in pairing our clients with project managers who are uniquely suited to help them achieve their business goals through our services. From overseeing software integrations and hardware installations to network upgrades, cloud computing, virtualization rollouts, data migrations and even office movies, we can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that on Monday morning, your project will be up and running.

Top NJ & FL IT Consulting Company

Mindcore is an IT professional services and consulting firm in Fairfield, NJ that is committed to making improvements to your technology, strategy, and business processes. Our experts are happy to help you achieve your company’s goals and provide you with quality services that are backed by driven systems and management. We are happy to offer our IT services in New Jersey and Florida, including the following areas:

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