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According to the American Institute of CPAs & the Journal of Accountancy, mobility and cloud computing continue to integrate, to all aspects of a CPA’s daily duties (think pervasive computing). Paradoxically, as technology steamrolls forward at unprecedented rates, CPA firms and in-house accounting executives still must operate in a mostly paper world.

Devices such as phones, tablets, highly portable laptops & ultra-books, and the cloud infrastructure they compute through, are considered among the most critical technologies for a CPA today. Our clients demand more from primary data (like electronically sharing tax returns), and other information including payroll, accounts payable, receivables, forms, and policies

Paperless in the Accounting Industry

As we eliminate paper in an accounting environment, we dramatically increase security control and create real business continuity with anytime/anywhere access. Our clients come to expect our solutions will allow them flexibility without sacrificing compliance.

The Impact of Business Intelligence & Analytical Software

Allowing for a clearer and sharper picture of an organization’s financial well-being, high-performance applications are becoming more widely used by CPA’s & accounting departments. Harnessing the capabilities of these accounting technologies requires a level of expertise our clients demand, as their skill sets are being tasked to interpret new critical data and support better real-time business decisions.

The systems allow our accounting partners to work more efficiently, exchange information quicker, and focus valuable creative time on strategically helping their clients or their organization.

IT Driving the Accounting Industry

Technology is unlocking efficiencies and driving progress throughout the accounting industry. Allowing for continued automation for most data entry and data aggregation work, it is commoditizing lower-margin services such as tax preparation.

Pushing CPAs into higher-margin, knowledge-based jobs such as consulting, information analysis, and CFO/controllership work, business owners and stakeholders that maximize the benefits of technology within their organization are virtually limitless regarding where they can take their organization.

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