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Scams Zero Trust

Zero trust is a security framework wherein trust is established based on context through least-privilege access controls and strict user authentication — not assumed trust. This model offers organizations increased protection of sensitive data, greater visibility into network traffic, and reduced risk of cyber threats. 

Phishing Payments Spear Phishing Attacks

Spear phishing is a type of social engineering scam in which a perpetrator tricks a user into providing sensitive information, sending money, or downloading malicious software. Among the many forms of phishing, spear phishing remains the most popular avenue for attack, used by 65% of all known threat actors.

Social Engineering Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering is the art of manipulating, influencing, or deceiving you to gain access to your computer systems. Using human psychology, attackers play on human emotions such as fear or urgency to trick users into divulging sensitive information.

Ransomware Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is the number one cyber security concern for any organization. It is an effective strategy for attacking businesses, critical infrastructures, and individuals. The impacts of ransomware can range from loss of data and productivity to expensive recovery processes and damage to your company’s reputation.

Phishing Alert Phishing Attacks

Phishing is the practice of sending fraudulent emails that appear to come from a reputable source. These attacks trick individuals into revealing sensitive data, including passwords and credit card numbers.