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As cloud computing, mobility, and data-storage-needs mount the risk–averse nature of most law firms presents a paradoxical dilemma for organizations struggling to maintain a balance between technology, accessibility, and security.

Our many law partners will attest to our ability to manage this complicated issue.

The American Bar Association’s (ABA) Legal Technology Survey Report indicated that law firms are embracing new technology, in particular with respect to cybersecurity, cloud computing, mobile devices, and data storage. However, the conservative nature of most law firms remains a major issue as organizations struggle to maintain a balance between accessibility and cybersecurity.

Cloud in the Legal Industry

As advancements in IT expand at an exponential rate (doubling every two years), the ABA estimates that technology adoption, especially as it relates to lawyering, is much slower than technology adoption “around the business world”.

Public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid solutions can all bolster data security (and provide turnkey business continuity) with tremendously rich options for data storage and expansion. But risk, security, operational needs, etc. all play a part.

Security for the Risk-Averse

Especially as it pertains to the well-being of sensitive client data, we engineer security protocols and strict procedures to eliminate exposure. Further, we provide an unmatched analysis and review of each new technological advancement, and software update and patch, prior to its implementation into a production environment.

We understand the issues our legal clients face and faithfully serve the industry with enterprise grade equipment, strict security protocols, multiple layers of redundancy and disaster recovery solutions to meet the exact operational and strategic needs of your firm.

As Technology Advances

Over the next six years, computing power will triple, maybe quadrupole. The increase will drive current lawyering technologies such as document automation, e-discovery tools, collaboration tools, research tools, and legal expert systems to progress in functionality and availability. The expertise and services we provide will allow our law partners to capitalize on these advancements, without sacrificing current infrastructure or the inherent values of the legal industry.

Allowing you to meet compliance recommendations and regulations, as well as the ever-changing expectations of your clients, this is what we mean by transformative solutions.

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