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Improving Productivity through Office 365 Management

Using Workplace Analytics in Office 365 to Monitor employee productivity. Are you having trouble quantifying productivity in a newfound era of remote working? While Office 365 and Microsoft Teams are more than capable of improving company productivity regardless of the location of your employees, Microsoft has released new features to help better quantify productivity through […]

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Unifying Business Communications All Under Microsoft Teams… Including Your Business Phone System!

Since the explosion of functions and solutions provided by the cloud occurred, an inevitable holy grail for businesses was true unified communications. Unified communications, at its core, seeks to combine voice calling, messaging, video conferencing, audio conferencing, and screen-sharing capabilities, along with a centralized and streamlined business workflow system. The end result a more seamless […]

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Using Microsoft Teams When Working from Home

With the new normal caused by COVID-19, Microsoft has continued to release updates on a regular basis, not only to improve the scalability of its Microsoft Office cloud infrastructure, but also its functionality.  Nine months after the world turned itself upside down, one thing has become clear – Microsoft Teams has positioned itself as a […]

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Integrating a Phone System with Microsoft Teams

In the post-pandemic environment, it’s more crucial than ever to develop remote working capabilities to ensure business continuity, and minimize downtime and disruption. With a Microsoft Teams calling system, your business can achieve increased productivity and overall performance. Microsoft Teams by Microsoft Office 365 is a unified communications platform, suitable for all types of businesses. It […]

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Calculating the Cost of System Downtime

An IT project can be difficult to get approved by senior management, especially if they do not understand the implications of it. But avoiding the right technology upgrades could be increasing your company’s expenditures rather than reducing them. Help your business executives visualize and understand the risks associated with not doing a project by providing […]

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