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About Matt Rosenthal

Mindcore CEO and President, Matt Rosenthal, has been working in IT for more than three decades. Rosenthal is a visionary information technology executive and consultant who brings game-changing approaches, solutions, and perspectives to clients by creating innovative and powerful IT strategies. His expertise includes budget planning, business process improvement, executive management, project management, strategic planning, technology integration, and technology management. He is also a regular contributor of IT and business advice, which can be found across LinkedIn, YouTube, and various podcasts.

Matt Rosenthal:
Mindcore: President and CEO for 6 years


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IT Experience

Rosenthal has served in previous roles as a CIO, certified IT project manager, system administrator, desktop support specialist, and tech support manager. From 2005 to June 2014, Matt worked for Computer Design & Services, managing corporate IT support services and reporting directly to the East Coast Director and the Global CIO. 

After rising through the ranks, Matt became CEO of Computer Design & Services and held full responsibility for networking and server operations while captaining a VIP team supporting all C-level executives and over 1,000 users across eight operating companies and five sites in New York City. He also led a series of successful IT projects while managing a team of over 25 members.

In 2014, Rosenthal successfully planned and executed the merger of his former company, Computer Design & Services, with Mindcore. The merger enabled Mindcore to become a full-service technology firm and provide a comprehensive network of integrated services to new and existing customers, positioning the company as a leader in IT managed services and solutions. 

At Mindcore, Matt specializes in working with business owners and managers to fix business processes and technology problems. He loves working with CEOs, CFOs, and line executives to improve strategic alignments and execution. While working with a client, he develops a deep understanding of the company’s needs and makes recommendations that will provide a strong ROI and long-term IT solutions. 

Featured Podcasts

Matt has provided countless advice on business processes and technology. He has been featured on several leading podcasts providing his expertise and knowledge to members of the IT community.

Digging In Podcast

Digging In is a podcast that uncovers the secrets to success in life, business, and health. In this weekly show, Matt Rosenthal, CEO and seasoned entrepreneur, digs in with guests who will share their stories about what it takes to be a self made success. Everyone has untapped potential, and this podcast will deliver a roadmap to reaching your potential in life, business, and health.

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