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Over the last decade and a half, manufacturing, more than any other industry, has seen the most dramatic changes in technology infrastructure and operations. You don’t need a consultant to know that the field will continue to be disrupted over the next decade. Having infrastructure flexible enough to allow for, and anticipate these changes separates pacesetters from the pack.

What is the technological strategy for your operations and where do you prioritize your technology investments? With IoT (Internet of Things) innovation exploding and the connected factory becoming a reality, how do you use sensors, employ big data and look toward automation to create a digital backbone? How can 3D printing make you more flexible and what infrastructure is needed to maximize this technology? How will productivity be gained through robotics? Can you bring innovation in-house, or should you maintain agility and look to partners for specialized talent?

Those organizations that embrace technological advances to improve plant productivity, and maintain an edge will survive and thrive.

For our partners in this highly competitive and global market, navigating the complexities of the manufacturing industry is challenging, and having a technology expert sitting on their side of the desk is the critical difference in a world of narrow margins and wide pitfalls.

Manufacturers work with us because they understand that break & fix and even simple ‘managed services’ approaches are no longer effective. They know the climate is changing, and the conversation must change with it.
How can technology help you meet the increasingly demanding needs of your complicated marketplace, and how can we work together to help you meet the challenges that lie ahead?

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