The Best Way for a CIO to Become More Efficient

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7 Ways for CIOs to Become More Efficient

The role of a Chief Information Officer (CIO) has transformed over the past few years. Major IT trends, such as security and privacy protection, cloud computing, AI and machine learning, and remote workforces have elevated CIOs to a level of importance equal to or above fellow C-suite executives. As new technologies emerge and customer demands continue to change, CIOs must take a proactive approach to IT operations. 

In today’s digital world, efficiency is no longer an option but a requirement. CIOs must take responsibility, evaluate their own habits and rituals, and identify areas for improvement. Every CIO should possess the skills needed to not only be efficient but to embed a culture of efficiency across the entire organization. Efficiency is one of the most crucial traits or mindsets that has a direct impact on productivity over weeks, months, and even years. Follow these seven tips to help you be more consistent and efficient as a CIO. 

1. Identify goals

Establish daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals and determine how to measure them. Using those goals as a guide, create tasks that will help you reach your goals. This will foster a mindset of direction and lay the foundation for efficiency. 

2. Create a list of MITs (Most Important Things)

Your list should have no more than five MITs – regardless of what they are, they must be completed within any given week. Avoid letting them fall through the cracks and be put off until the following week. Work with your team members to ensure tasks are scheduled out and advise them to communicate potential delays.

3. Manage your schedule effectively

Set aside time in your schedule to complete specific tasks, such as checking your email, returning important calls, and working on your MITs.

4. Be determined and disciplined

Do not let people or other distractions derail your focus. If a situation arises and needs immediate attention, delegate a member of your team to resolve the issue. 

5. Review your upcoming schedule at the end of each day

Taking a look at your schedule ahead of time will allow you to be prepared and ready for the next day’s work. 

6. Identify noise

Noise is virtually anything that will impact your focus and schedule, and it can be detrimental to your overall performance. Identify the noise and put systems in place to reduce it. 

7. Surround yourself with winners

Surrounding yourself with the right people matters. Find other people who are self-motivated and responsible and share the same values, focus, culture, and mindset. 

Why Is This Approach Useful? 

At Mindcore IT Services, CEO and President Matt Rosenthal has used this approach for years. Simply put, it works. It keeps things clearly in focus so you can reach your most important goals and objectives without fail. Not everything will get done, but the MITs must get done. MITs have the biggest impact on the success of your business, regardless of size, complexity, or the industry you operate in. 

The mindset of a CIO influences the entire team — over time, they will follow the lead of the CIO. A CIO who leads by example and with clear intention is indispensable. An efficient CIO will move the organization forward and, as a result, initiatives will be accomplished and the team will be more productive. 

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