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How to Choose the Right Technology for Your Business

By now, almost every business owner knows that technology is a key driver of success. Aside from increasing productivity and profitability, technology gives you a competitive edge. It works as a solution to many of the challenges facing companies today. The question, however, is which option best fits your specific needs and goals. 

There have been rapid advances in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data management, IT services, and more in recent years. Knowing what to look for goes a long way in making the right decision for your technology infrastructure. You want to make choices that let you focus on your core business objectives, rather than the technology that supports it. So, how do you decide on the right technology for your business? 

Determine Your Business Goals

Before you begin your technology search, you need to assess your current setup, determine what it’s contributing to your business efforts, and how it could improve. If you find inefficiencies in the functionality of your IT system, try to map out solutions. If you prioritize your technology requirements by necessity and potential business impact – it will make your search process much easier.

Consult with Your Team Members

Figuring out your biggest pain points is the key to knowing where you can improve and that starts with talking to your team. Typically, the accounts and finance, IT, HR management, and communication departments of a business make the optimum use of technology. First and foremost, you want to find out how much time your employees spend on various, but clearly defined activities each week. Are people spending an unreasonable amount of time checking emails? Are slow internet and WiFi connections creating bottlenecks in your day-to-day operations? It’s important to frame this conversation the right way and be clear that you want to put your team in the driver’s seat.

Choose a Scalable Technology Solution

Once you have all of the information you need, you can start researching available technologies. Identify the key manager and users of the technology youre looking to adopt; this is the team that should lead your research and evaluation efforts. You’ll want to shop around and compare your potential purchases — refer to industry-specific business forums, analyst reports, trade associations, and any other relevant sources for guidance. Making the switch from an outdated technology that you’re familiar with, to new technologies, can be difficult to visualize. Ensure any system(s) you choose is able to automate manual processes and scale with your business. Acquiring new technology is a significant financial investment for your company, so do your due diligence to achieve the highest return on your investment.

Focus More on Need than Want

Prioritizing your business needs over wants is crucial during this process. Many businesses tend to overlook or underestimate their needs while making technological decisions, leading to wasted time and money. Know in which department, and in what way each department will make use of the technology. Take into consideration their work environments, whether it is office based, home based, or field based. Implementing the wrong solutions has the potential to introduce new problems, which should be avoided at all costs. You may like a particular package, however there may be other software more suitable for your business, which will offer seamless integration and increased efficiency across the entire organization. 

Find the Right Technology for Your Business with Mindcore

When you choose to work with Mindcore, you’ll have a partner dedicated to finding the perfect technology solution for your business. Our team of IT specialists will work to understand the ins and outs of your organization and develop a plan of action based on your unique goals. Find more information about our services or schedule a consultation online to speak with a member of our staff today. 

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