Cyber Security Audits

When was the last time your company performed a complete cyber security audit? If it has been longer than you remember, you’re probably at risk of being a victim of a cyber attack. Mindcore works with businesses in New Jersey, Florida, and all over the United States to administer detailed cyber security audits using the latest technology and best practices.

Cyber Security & IT Risk Compliance Experts

Vulnerabilities in cyber security pose a significant threat to your entire organization, making the need for highly skilled IT auditors greater than ever. That’s where we come in. Mindcore takes a proactive approach to designing cyber security policies, resulting in more dynamic threat management. With decades of experience in a wide range of industries, our IT specialists leverage their deep knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality, measurable solutions for your business. 

Our 360-degree cyber security audits include multiple vulnerability scans, risk assessments, and a variety of other tools to highlight what could be exploited by a potential bad actor. We’ll take you through what’s working and not working, then develop a customized plan of action to successfully defend your business from cyber attacks. With a strong cyber security management system in place, you’ll be able to increase productivity, reduce costs, and minimize downtime.

Who Needs A Cyber Security Audit?

Every company needs a regular cyber security audit. As cyber incidents continue to evolve, it’s vital to ensure that your security measures are effective. Protecting your network and data can be challenging and involves well-planned and precise execution to mitigate all risks. Our cyber security experts at Mindcore perform comprehensive audits to review your current IT infrastructure and detect vulnerabilities, threats, weak links, and high-risk practices. Our consultants will examine your company’s compliance against a specific standard and provide recommendations  to take your cyber security to the next level.

What Does A Cyber Security Audit Cover?

A cyber security audit lets you understand how well your technology, processes, and people work together to keep risks at an acceptable level. The purpose of our audit is to provide a “checklist” to validate that your controls are working properly. It provides your organization’s management, vendors, customers, and other stakeholders with an in-depth understanding of your overall security posture. It also focuses on ensuring that all controls are optimized, and compliance requirements are adhered to. Specifically, an audit evaluates the following areas:

Best Practices for Your Cyber Security Audit

Stakeholders are increasingly reliant on audits to help them navigate changing regulations, large-scale data breaches, geopolitical uncertainties, and more. If your organization is preparing for a cyber security audit, there are several steps you can take to optimize its value and improve the accuracy of its results. With that in mind, we’ve outlined seven best practices you can follow to make your cyber security audit a success.

Define The Scope of Your Audit

The first step of your cyber security audit is to define the scope of the audit. Make a list of your most critical assets, such as patents/copyrights, financial data, proprietary software, and customer sales information. Once you’ve made the list, determine which assets you’ll need to audit and which things you won't.

Share Relevant Resources

Before the audit begins, introduce a point of contact — they should be able to provide the auditor with any relevant information needed to make the process go smoothly and according to plan. Organize all documents related to your cyber security policies in a single, easy-to-read resource.

Audit Compliance Standards

Regulatory compliance rules are specifically designed to ensure data protection. You must be cognizant of the rules of each state, territory, and country you operate in. Review the specific laws and regulations which apply to your business and industry, and share them with your audit team.

Provide A Structure of Your Network

Providing your auditors with the structure of your network gives them a broad overview of your infrastructure's configuration, what security gaps exist, and the steps needed to fill in those gaps. Your network structure should include all of your assets, how they are linked, and what the protections are between them.

Identify All Risks and Vulnerabilities

Identify all known vulnerabilities within your network and systems that could negatively impact your business. This requires an understanding of all business processes, the compliance risks of each process, possible attacks, and laws and regulations which apply to your company. Knowing your company's potential risks and vulnerabilities will help the auditor determine the major areas of concern.

Prioritize Risk Responses

Once you’ve compiled a list of vulnerabilities and their impact, we can help you assign a risk rating and score to each on a scale of 0.00 to 10.00. Focus on the risks which are more likely to cause damage to your organization and need the most urgent attention. To prioritize threats, weigh the cost of fixing them against the potential cost incurred if exploited.

Ensure Regular Audits

How often you will need to perform cyber security audits depends on what compliance or security framework your business follows. For example, FISMA requires federal agencies to conduct audits twice a year. Some require none. Based on the size of your organization, you might consider doing quarterly or monthly audits. Most successful businesses are doing audits regularly.

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Cyber security audits are an essential component of your organization’s defenses against data breaches and compliance violations. Mindcore is your trusted source for cyber security services in NJ and FL. We’ll work closely with you during each step of the audit process, from preparation to response, to ensure the most effective results. Contact us to learn more about our cyber security audits or schedule a consultation with a member of our team today!

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Mindcore offers the nation’s highest-rated IT solutions partnered with the biggest technology corporations in the country. Our IT consulting firms are based in Fairfield, NJ and Delray Beach, FL, helping businesses get the best IT services and customized technology solutions in the area. Not only do we serve New Jersey and Florida, we also offer our IT consulting services and managed IT services to businesses across the United States.

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