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How your network can take on the cloud and win

how your network can take on the cloud and win

While many organizations are rapidly accelerating to the cloud, plenty are still reluctant to make the move because they worry their infrastructure isn’t prepared to manage it.

Control, reliability, security, and visibility don’t have to be speed bumps that slow down your digital transformation.

Whether you’re interested in moving to multi-, hybrid-, or cloud-based infrastructures, the right networking solution can help you securely navigate your journey to the cloud with confidence.

how your network can take on the cloud and win

Reduce your risk points with secure, contextualized access

A contextualized approach looks at the who, what, where, when and why data is behind accessed – and it allows your organization to deliver a consistent user experience across internet, enterprise, and SaaS apps. And it’s also crucial to securing your network.

With a single point of access, your IT and security teams can balance a great user experience and risk mitigation.

Here’s how access control can help your organization securely balance user and IT needs:

Ensure seamless single-sign on (SSO) and multifactor authentication:

Users benefit from the ability to sign in once and access all of their applications. Additionally, IT gets the ability to control access with multifactor authentication and end-to-end-monitoring across the network – regardless of whether they’re hosted on premises, in the cloud, or delivered as SaaS.

Provide granular-level visibility:

Detailed logs allow you to see what’s traversing your network via applications. As multi- and hybrid-cloud environments become more complex, detailed visibility is an increasingly valuable tool for spotting unusual activity or threats. You’ll also be better equipped to prevent malicious user behavior, lowering the risk of insider threats and enabling a secure digital workspace.

Deliver a personalized experience and centralized control:

By controlling your users’ access points, you’ll be able to enable simple, yet secure access through SSO. End users only have to enter credentials once, and then they’ll have access to everything they need. Meanwhile, IT can apply granular cut, copy, paste, and download restrictions to SaaS and web apps – keeping data under full IT control wherever it’s used. And water-marking provides an added layer of protection for data accessed in the cloud. Risky web links in emails, documents, CRM systems, and other content can be redirected to a secure browser and sandboxed to prevent network breaches.

Identify and eliminate your risk points:

Having a centralized location for managing policy and data makes it easier to see any threats traversing your network. As a result, you’re able to take quick action to stop or remediate them.

how to prepare your network for the cloud

Don’t compromise on reliability and performance

Traditional networking solutions weren’t designed for the heavy loads of today’s traffic or data sprawling across your apps, clouds, and user locations. But today’s more sophisticated solutions are.

Whether you’re deploying apps from a multi-, hybrid-, or private cloud, you can ensure a consistent, reliable, and exceptional user experience from a solution designed to support, manage, and securely deliver much higher workloads – even from remote locations.

Balance workloads‑at your content origin or across clouds:

A robust networking solution can scale as needed or balance traffic to accommodate fluctuations in traffic. Even if one network or cloud goes down, loads can be easily re-balanced and re-routed to a different secure channel. And in the event of a DDoS or DNS attack, traffic can be prioritized and redirected as needed, ensuring your teams and customers have uninterrupted access.

Find the optimal route for accessing content:

Direct your packets over to the best, most reliable route. Regardless of the type of connectivity, you can quickly find better locations for sending data, ensuring connections remain continuous for your end users.

Deliver a reliable solution for a better last mile connection:

Traffic traveling from your clouds can slow once they hit legacy WANs, but more advanced solutions reserve extra bandwidth specifically for the last mile from the branch – so your users never experience a slow connection, regardless of where they’re located.

Make informed decisions with deep visibility and intelligence across your entire ecosystem

Knowing what’s happening with your data across your ecosystem is paramount to keeping teams productive and business running securely. With a predictive solution that’s designed for hybrid architectures, you can identify, assess, address, and optimize, both network performance issues and security threats, quickly and efficiently.

Solutions to outsmart network and app attacks:

With a proliferation of cloud services today, there’s a good chance your organization will face new kinds of threats. The right solution can secure your data anywhere – regardless of whether it’s at the network, web, or app layer. With an end-to-end security approach that includes a fully integrated web application firewall (WAF), you’ll be able to manage all types of threats – everything from network to evolving DDoS, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and SSL attacks.

Analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI):

AI and machine learning are powerful tolls for helping business understand user behavior and needs. This allows you to continuously optimize, make informed predictions, and drive innovation. They can also learn to identify threats, adapt, and rapidly respond when an unknown threat emerges.

How to prepare your network for the cloud

Actionable insights:

Getting data isn’t the problem, having too much to find critical details is. That’s why organizations need a solution that aggregates data into a useful tool. It helps identify patterns so you can enable continuous improvements. What’s more, report any anomalies in real time, so that your teams can quickly take action.

User behavior analytics:

Learn about which behaviors are typical for your users, so you can help drive efficiency and adoption. And, if atypical suspect behaviors arise, you’re able to quickly act to secure sensitive data.

Application analytics:

With the ability to build test applications, you’ll gain insight on how they function and perform. As a result, you’ll have the insights to increase agility and make better-informed decisions about which apps perform best, which are crucial to your organizations’ success, and which pose the greatest threats.

Take a holistic approach to security:

How to prepare your network for the cloud

A networking solution to drive business forward

As your organization transitions to the cloud, a secure, reliable networking solution is key for meeting the future needs of your business. Mindcore’s Networking solution goes beyond traditional WAN, ADC, management, and analytic solutions to help you deliver a comprehensive, next-generation solution that delivers a consistent and exceptional experience – for IT and end users alike.

Regardless of where you are in your multi-, hybrid-, or private-cloud journey, we can help you get to where you want to go.

Contact us here, or call us at 973-664-9500 ext 1 and a networking specialist will help you right away.

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