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What To Expect When Hiring A Cyber Security Expert

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Choosing the right cyber security expert depends on a variety of factors, including what industry you operate in, how big or small your company is, and what your unique needs are. By definition, a cyber security company is a firm that delivers security leadership and services. However, the scope of work required to safeguard your organization’s systems, networks, and data goes way beyond that. You need a trusted advisor with years of experience that has been through breaches and remediations and knows the ins and outs of the market. 

Cyber security is dynamic — what happened one year, six months, and even two months ago is certainly NOT what’s happening now or will happen in the future. As the threat landscape evolves, the leadership and services of your cyber security team need to as well. So what does that leadership look like? We’ve outlined it for you below. 

What Does a Cyber Security Expert Do For You?

Cyber security is the insurance that your business won’t be negatively affected by a data breach, cyber-attack, or other security disruptions. Your cyber security expert has a seat at the table, alongside your accountant, lawyer, insurance company, etc. They have extensive knowledge and experience in their field, and when you hire the right person, you can expect them to: 

1. Provide Cyber Security Guidance

A cyber security expert provides guidance and ongoing support for your business — they’re reliable and thoughtful in their decision-making. It depends on the specific products you use, the type of employees you have, and the market that you’re in. However, there are a few things that can make or break you when it comes to that guidance:

  • The training and awareness delivered
  • The programs utilized
  • The risk and vulnerability assessments performed
  • The regulatory compliance controls implemented

Your company’s readiness and ability to react and respond to threats and cyber attacks all tie into that guidance. 

2. Develop Implementation Strategies

Following proper cyber security guidance, the next step is implementation, which includes implementing the tools and tactics you put in place to avoid a breach. Penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, proactive security tools, alerting, and training and awareness are all involved in the implementation process. A cybersecurity expert can use the results of these steps to select a security framework that is feasible and will meet your company’s strategic goals.

3. Handle Operations

Last but not least, a good cyber security expert handles operations. 24/7 security analysts must know how to effectively monitor and manage all of the endpoints on your network. How do they respond to alerts and threats to your business? What does that incident response plan look like? An incident response plan (IRP) should outline, in step-by-step detail, how you will respond to an attack and determine who is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and acting upon information gathered from the incident.

High-Quality Cyber Security Services in NJ & FL

Mindcore is a top cyber security company, providing companies of all sizes throughout the United States with best-in-class cyber security services. After conducting an in-depth assessment of your current setup, we will work with you to create a personalized IT strategy that’s easy to follow, quick to implement, and suited to your unique business needs.

Our cyber security specialists in New Jersey and Florida are highly trained experts with years of experience, and they’re here to help you make the most of your technology investments. Contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation today!

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