Penetration Testing

Do not let your NJ or FL company be susceptible to a cyber security breach. Mindcore runs penetration tests on your current security systems to identify and evaluate potential risks and vulnerabilities.

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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing (pen test) is a white hat or ethical hacking approach that tests the current security of an organization’s computer system. At Mindcore, our experts use our penetration testing services in New Jersey and Florida to stimulate a cyber attack on your infrastructure, finding security gaps and flaws that could lead to potential threats. We carefully attack known weak spots within your web application to find the vulnerabilities that are putting your data at risk. 

Penetration Testing Services  

After we repeat the penetration tests through various automated tools and services, we collect all of the information from each test to give you a detailed report on what our team found during the process. Our report includes a full list of all the vulnerabilities we identified in your infrastructure, including how we tested each potential risk. We also provide comprehensive recommendations on how to resolve these vulnerabilities to make your system more secure. Our team will work with you during your consultation to make sure you understand each potential risk and walk you through the actions that need to be taken to avoid security threats.

Secure Critical Web Assets 

Assess your IT risk with our penetration testing services in New Jersey and Florida! Before we begin testing, we will work with you and your company to develop a plan of action on what parts of your current system and security to evaluate. Once we have the list finalized of all the devices to test within your infrastructure, one of our experts will determine which pen test is right for your business. Schedule your pen test consultation today!

Cyber Security Penetration Testing

Our pen tests are part of our cyber security services, ensuring that your network and IT systems are secure from potential cyber attacks and threats.

Pen Test Services include:

  • 24/7 Support
  • Application Pen Test
  • Compliance Services 
  • Consulting
  • Database Pen Test
  • Follow-Up Pen Tests
  • Network Pen Test
  • Penetration Testing Software
  • Physical Pen Test
  • Security Risk Assessment 
  • Social Engineering Pen Test
  • Wireless Pen Test
  • Vulnerability Scanning

How Penetration Testing Works

Let’s get to work right away to uncover what risks exist in your company. Here are the steps we take to perform penetration testing on your current IT system.

Scan for Vulnerabilities

After our initial consultation, our expert will collect data on your systems to plan out the stimulated attack. We’ll perform a test to find the vulnerabilities in your current security that are putting your data at risk for potential threats. We may use several techniques to repeat the pen test against your system to get the most accurate results.

Comprehensive Reporting and Recommendations

Based on the results after testing, we develop a plan along with a budget to address the security issues within your infrastructure. We develop a detailed report of the findings and share them with you to help you make analytical decisions moving forward with your web application security. We also include how we tested each potential risk and recommendations on how to solve each issue.

Remediation Plans and Validating Fixes

Once your company is able to review the report and remediation plan, our team will help resolve the security risks that were identified during the pen test. We’ll rerun the penetration test once we resolve all the issues to make sure all vulnerabilities were effectively solved and provide you with an updated report on each finding.

Our Pen Testing Services

We offer a suite of penetration testing services in New Jersey and Florida to identify weaknesses in your organization’s security. We perform the following types of penetration testing at Mindcore to validate that your critical data is safe.

Database Penetration Testing

Database penetration testing reduces the risk associated with both web and database attacks by identifying configuration errors, coding errors, and patch management issues to assess any critical security risks within your database.

Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing, also known as infrastructure testing, is one of the most common types of pen tests. It protects your company from network-based attacks and identifies the most exposed vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure.

Physical Penetration Testing

Physical penetration testing is a pen test that identifies physical security control flaws in your company by attempting to compromise intruder alarms, locks, cameras, and motion detectors to gain unauthorized physical access to your company’s sensitive data.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Social engineering penetration testing uses software to attempt to maliciously trick users into giving them personal information, such as a password or credit card information. Common social engineering attacks we test for include phishing, vishing, and smishing attacks.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing finds vulnerabilities in web-based applications, browsers, and plugin components, using several penetration attacks to break in and identify the weaknesses. It stimulates a real attack on your application’s security to gain access to sensitive data.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless penetration testing identifies and examines the connections between all wireless devices, such as tablets and laptops, that are connected to your company’s WiFi network. It looks for vulnerabilities in your WiFi access points that are at a high security risk.

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Protect Your Business With Our Penetration Testing Tools

Mindcore protects your business from experiencing cyber attacks with our penetration testing tools and techniques. Our penetration testing experts in New Jersey and Florida test the effectiveness of your current IT security before hackers get to it first. We’ll identify security risks and fix them to reduce cyber threats from attacking your business digitally and physically. Our experts will provide you with the most advanced security testing services to validate that your infrastructure is secure and compliant.

Penetration Testing Company in NJ & FL

Mindcore is a top penetration testing company and cyber security company in New Jersey and Florida. Our primary office location is based in Fairfield, NJ, serving towns all throughout the state, and our second office is located in Florida, serving Delray Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

Our goal is to help protect and secure your business from evolving online attacks. Schedule a consultation with us today to learn more about penetration testing and our managed security services in New Jersey and Florida. If you would like to learn more about how we’ve helped other companies improve their cyber security through penetration testing, please take a look at our case studies.

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