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How a Growing Dermatology Practice Took Technology to the Next Level Through Strategic Partnership

Growing Dermatology Practice

“Our Co-Managed IT Service was the answer to their needs. With over a decade of success in delivering this service to clients, we provided a tailored solution that allowed this very successful medical practice to unlock a world of possibilities—enabling them to face the future with confidence in their technology.”

Matt Rosenthal
CEO and President
Mindcore Technologies


A flourishing, mid-sized New York City-based medical practice—with a specialty in dermatology—is renowned for delivering top-notch treatments and results for its patients. With over 100 doctors, nurses, and physician assistants, this very busy practice offers a wide range of services including acne scar removal, skin cancer surgery, and non-surgical body contouring. 

With a continually expanding patient base, the business and operational side of the practice began experiencing technology growing pains. Over time, the staff had become overwhelmed with multiple IT-related challenges that were adversely affecting project timelines, regulatory compliance requirements, expansion efforts, and overall end-user satisfaction with the technology in place.

Given the rapid growth and constantly shifting demands of the dermatology practice, the organization’s IT team was finding itself increasingly inundated with daily support issues from both medical and office staff. Problems frequently encountered by the in-house IT staff included network

troubleshooting, software updates, efficient and timely management of user support tickets, system failures, and protection against new and ever-evolving cyber threats. All of which had become a significant burden that overwhelmed and impeded the critical focus on growing the practice.

These issues not only drained valuable resources and time, but led to a decline in the completion of strategic projects important to the practice and caused regular project delays. It also adversely affected the quality of support that the IT staff could provide to end-users. The escalated response times resulted in reduced satisfaction levels along with productivity. The practice had also experienced a significant security breach that brought these issues to a head causing the IT team to rethink their approach.


The dermatology practice reached out to Mindcore to help them evaluate the situation and implement an appropriate solution. Matt Rosenthal, CEO and President of Mindcore Technologies, said “Our Co-Managed IT Service was the answer to their needs. With over a decade of success in delivering this service to clients, we provided a tailored solution that allowed this very successful medical practice to unlock a world of possibilities—enabling them to face the future with confidence in their technology.”

Once engaged, the process kicked-off with a thorough audit of the organization’s entire IT structure by Mindcore. This also included a cybersecurity audit to identify critical issues and potential improvements. “Once the audit was completed, we deployed a dedicated remote team to manage everyday IT tasks and provide end-user support,” said Rosenthal. “As a result, the in-house IT team was freed up to focus their efforts on strategic projects that would help to grow the practice.”

To alleviate the organization’s worries about potential system failures and cyber threats, Mindcore utilized a range of cutting-edge tools and software specifically targeting efficient ticket management, network monitoring, automated software updates, and enhanced cybersecurity measures. Moreover, Mindcore established stringent service level agreements (SLAs) to guarantee prompt response times and boost end-user satisfaction.


With Mindcore as a collaborative IT partner, the fears of system failures, cyberattacks, and technological limitations faded away for the dermatology practice. Instead, it was replaced by the assurance of a secure, reliable, and advanced technology structure being co-managed with a carefully chosen team of world-class experts.

“The deployment of Mindcore’s Co-Managed IT Service marked a significant turning point in the client’s operational efficiency, end-user satisfaction, and overall peace of mind,” said Rosenthal.

After partnering with Mindcore, the overarching results for the practice included the following:

Project Delivery—With Mindcore’s team managing daily IT support, the practice’s internal IT team could better align their efforts to deliver on strategic projects for the organization’s future growth. At the same time, this shift in responsibilities resulted in a 35% reduction in project delays while enhancing the overall project delivery time.

End-User Satisfaction—Through dedicated support and SLAs provided by Mindcore, end-user satisfaction at the medical practice improved significantly. Response times for IT support requests were halved leading to a 40% rise in end-user satisfaction scores.

Peace of Mind—As a result of Mindcore’s robust cybersecurity measures, efficient network monitoring, and automated updates there was a substantial reduction in the risk of system failures and cyber threats. The medical practice was relieved of the constant stress of overwhelming IT

issues, making it possible to now focus renewed efforts into core business activities with a newfound confidence.

Operational Efficiency—Because Mindcore’s Co-Managed IT Service streamlined the IT operations of the practice, there was reduced system downtime that provided for more efficiencies resulting in significant cost savings. Now, the practice was able to reallocate 30% of its IT support costs towards other crucial activities that enhanced overall business agility, resilience, and efficacy.


In the end, Mindcore’s partnership and work with the dermatology practice demonstrated how Co-Managed IT Services can transform an organization by enhancing operational efficiency, end-user satisfaction, and project delivery—all while granting peace of mind by mitigating the stress and headaches normally associated with IT management.

These worries and constant fear of system failures, cyberattacks, and technological limitations are replaced by the assurance of having a dedicated and collaborative IT partner—one that has you covered 24/7/365. 

Through Co-Managed IT Services, done the right way, success becomes a shared journey. Working together, it becomes possible to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and drive innovation. 

When a business or professional organization—such as this already successful medical practice—strategically chooses Co-Managed IT Services with Mindcore as their partner, they will experience the power of true collaboration and teamwork. Your organization will become more agile, resilient, and efficient. At the same time, there will be a pronounced reduction in the stress that goes along with managing IT internally.

Our clients have consistently felt this positive impact. In fact, each one has reported that partnering with Mindcore was a “game-changer.” We’re more than happy to share their experiences with you, so you can see firsthand the transformative impact that Co-Managed IT Services with Mindcore can have on your organizations.
To learn more, we encourage you to request a consultation with us or call (561) 221-0329. We look forward to having an informative and meaningful conversation.

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Matt Rosenthal is CEO and President of Mindcore, a full-service tech firm. He is a leader in the field of cyber security, designing and implementing highly secure systems to protect clients from cyber threats and data breaches. He is an expert in cloud solutions, helping businesses to scale and improve efficiency.

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