Case Study: IT Operations

An Introduction to: IT Operations

When a national organization serving a worldwide community of athletes through rules-governance, championships and other initiatives needed to transform their technology operations, they came to Mindcore.
This company prided themselves on more than a century of tradition and the way they carried out their business. While their leadership and legacy commanded respect, their technology services and IT support standards didn't. It was time for them to upgrade to a more efficient and centralized approach but in order to pursue that, they would need to pull some of their best leaders into the project. This would have made them less efficient and productive and that was a price they weren't willing to pay.

That's when they decided to outsource their day-to-day IT operations to Mindcore. This would allow them to regain the valuable creative time they needed to work on getting back to doing what they do best: growing their business.

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Here's What We 

Were Up Against.

Their current technology services desk and user support desk were outdated and inefficient. This meant they had no way to structure their reporting, management visibility or trend-spotting.

Their current IT team was also bogged down the the day-to-day operations to the point that they could no longer focus on the high-level, big-picture projects they were mandated to carry out.

Not only did they need to restructure their processes, they needed to modernize their call-center so that they could have the data-driven reports they needed to be more efficient and effective at what they do.

In addition, they were also failing to generate any relevant documents, which meant their workflows and processes were hard to implement. As a results, their institutional knowledge was falling through the cracks.

Here's How We 

Helped Them Overcome.

We quickly started to work with their senior leadership to create a plan that would overhaul their technology operations and transform their IT service, support and framework from the inside out.

To do that, we used our managed services model as a template to migrate our systems and processes over to their environment. This streamlined their entire setup and allowed t hem to experience an immediate increase in staff productivity.

Our team then began to work with their network engineers to identify redundancies and prioritize issues so that they could remediate accordingly. Once their service and support desk was restructured, we streamlined their operations and reduced their staffing costs by 40 percent.

We finally analyzed their mission critical legacy call system and reengineered it so that it became an efficient platform that could better meet their current workload and requirements.

This Is How It 

Impacted Them.

We apply technology solutions to real-world problems. It's what we do best. That's how we used technology to transform the inner-workings of this organization.

Our work didn't stop there though. Like with many of our clients, we continue to talk to them about their vision and their unique needs. From those conversations, we know how to best support them so that they can remain agile, mobile and competitive in today's global market.

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