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Cloud Cybersecurity Provides Alignment Fosters Growth

Cybersecurity Case Study

An Introduction to: Cloud & Cybersecurity

When an emerging leader in the multifaceted world of proxy solicitation and corporate advisory needed a solution for hosted infrastructure and cybersecurity, they wanted a firm that could do more than just deploy the tools.

They knew their business’ growth required a partner that could understand their strategic requirements and match them with the right technology operations. That’s where Mindcore came in.

The Challenge

Here’s What WeWere Up Against.

During our early conversations with their leadership team, it was clear that they had an ambitious vision for their future. It included bold growth objectives that would put them on track to dominating their niche marketplace.

They knew they needed a partner who understand their ambition while also giving them the knowledge and experience they needed to implement a complete IT solution.

One of the problems they were faced with was their need to always “be on”, especially as their client list grew. They also needed to upgrade their data retention and backups so that they were more secure and reliable. This kind of level of protection wasn’t just critical to their operations, it was required for them to submit RFP’s.

The Solution

Here’s How WeHelped Them Overcome.

We migrated their existing infrastructure over to an enterprise-class, secure cloud model. This allowed them to centralize their company hardware, software and data while giving them the scalability and predictable cost model they wanted. The data and software applications were migrated and made accessible through a secure web-portal that they could access from anywhere in the world.

Then we set up their digital backups to run smoothly each night, with regular data imaging and replication for added security. Each quarter, we test their system so that we can give their management the reports and regular assessments they need to make decisions. We also added another layer of security by giving a copy of the disaster recovery procedures to their employees so that they know exactly how to response if and when an event occurs.

Finally, we completed a full cybersecurity assessment complete with recommendations for remediation. Our quarterly penetration tests keep their leadership aware of any potential vulnerabilities and our 24/7 Security Operations Center monitors any suspicious activity and when necessary, gives them the immediate support they need to make any fixes.

The Outcome

This Is How ItImpacted Them.

This company’s technology infrastructure is now fully aligned with their operational needs. With their new levels of flexibility, scalability and security, they were able to increase their offering and target a larger and more complex clientele.

Since they transitioned to the cloud, they were also able to offload their entire technology infrastructure that was located in their office. Now their staff can easily collaborate, share files and have greater control over document security.

As with all our clients, we continue to provide them with the tools and services they need to remain agile and competitive in the global market.

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Matt Rosenthal is CEO and President of Mindcore, a full-service tech firm. He is a leader in the field of cyber security, designing and implementing highly secure systems to protect clients from cyber threats and data breaches. He is an expert in cloud solutions, helping businesses to scale and improve efficiency.

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