Virtual CIO Services

Unlock the power of a chief information officer without the need of having one in person. With decades of experience, Mindcore has helped businesses transform their operations through the use of virtual CIO solutions.

Understanding Virtual CIOs and Their Benefits
Get Direction
Reduce Costs
Enhance Your Processes

What is a Virtual CIO?

A vCIO, or virtual chief information officer, proactively instills technology processes, business strategy, and monitors the IT health and security of your business. This person is generally a consultant or part-time resource that works remotely to solve larger IT needs that benefit a business for the long term.

When to Consider a Virtual CIO?

Information technology powers the modern business, whether it’s maximizing the use of your data, streamlining operations, or keeping your data secure yet still accessible. For businesses unable to staff a CIO, need a temporary CIO solution, or have an alternative reason that prevents having a high level IT strategist, a vCIO becomes a crucial resource for both your business’ growth and its sustainability. At Mindcore, our experience dealing with each and every element required in IT has enabled us to curate turnkey IT solutions for businesses of any size.

Utilizing Mindcore for your vCIO, you can trust us to:

Develop an in-depth synchronization of your business’s goals and its technology Create long term technology budgets for business planning Become a crucial resource for your business management Coordinate, negotiate, and contract technology management needs within your business

Get Started with Your Virtual CIO

Meet Your Virtual CIO

Based on your first call, we’ll get an understanding of the current status of your IT and your business’ goals. From there, you’ll be introduced to the ideal vCIO for your industry and your needs.

Develop the Plan of Action

Post-discovery and inventory, your vCIO will integrate with your business management team and coordinate transformative solutions to your operations.

Long Term Growth

After initial solutions have been implemented, your vCIO will continue to ensure long term IT sustainability and business growth, including seamless day-to-day workflow solutions and future-proofing your IT systems.

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Mindcore offers the nation’s highest-rated IT solutions partnered with the biggest technology corporations in the country. Our IT consulting firms are based in Fairfield, NJ and Delray Beach, FL, helping businesses get the best IT services and customized technology solutions in the area. Not only do we serve New Jersey and Florida, we also offer our IT consulting services and managed IT services to businesses across the United States.

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