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Microsoft Teams gives your company the power to stay connected and organized in the office and working remotely. Maximize your collaboration and productivity by working with the right Microsoft Teams consultant in New Jersey and Florida at Mindcore. 

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Microsoft Teams Features

Microsoft Teams comes with exciting features that allows your company to accomplish more together.

Data Transfer
Apps and Workflows

Integrate apps and automated workflows within Teams to streamline tasks and make your work easier every day.

Custom Backgrounds

Teams allows you to personalize your meeting experience by letting you choose, upload, or blur your background.

File Sharing

Access, store, share, and edit files with secure cloud file sharing within Teams. You can work together with others in real time.

Data Analytics
Market Availability

Teams is conveniently available to download on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android in 53 languages and 181 markets.

Privacy and Security

Communicate with confidence on Teams with industry-leading compliance and security offerings that allow for a trustworthy collaboration.

Screen Sharing

You can share your screen while participating in a Teams call or meeting to keep everyone on the same page even when you’re apart.

Together Mode

Together mode puts your team in one shared digital background, making it feel like you are in the same room with your coworkers.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows your team to work together in real time, making meetings more personal and productive.

Connect With Your Team From Anywhere

Microsoft Teams helps your company stay connected. It provides a single, unified hub for communications and collaboration by combining core functions of Office 365, such as file sharing, messaging, meetings, and voice chat to connect your team from anywhere.


Teams allows you to connect instantly with one-to-one messages, group chats, and video calls that streamline communication and collaboration between your employees. Instant messaging through Teams also comes with great features that give you the ability to download and use your favorite apps in chats and customize your messages with rich text editing.

Cloud Admin and Management


Work remotely and securely with online meetings in Teams. Meet face-to-face with the touch of a button in video conference calls that make meetings more personal. You can meet in any situation, whether you are hosting a company training session or meeting one-on-one with a coworker. Teams of 20 or 10,000 can easily meet in one place, no matter where you are in the world with Microsoft Teams.

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Make and receive calls from Teams apps, Outlook, or a mobile device to let others know when you are available, on another call, or out of the office through Microsoft Teams. Start calls faster and easily call internal and external groups using Microsoft Teams Calling, Phone System, Calling Plan, or Direct Routing. You can also control and manage cloud phone calls with reverse number look-ups, voicemail, delegation, and do not disturb.

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Microsoft Teams enables your company to communicate and collaborate in one place with Teams Connect. It enables you to share and edit files in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel apps in Teams. You can also share channels with anyone inside or outside of your organization conveniently chat, meet, and collaborate on apps in the shared channel.

Team Cloud Administrators and Management

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a team in Microsoft Teams? See More Details

To create a team in Microsoft Teams, click the “Teams” button in the left-hand navigation bar and then click the “Create new team” button. You can then enter a name for your team and choose whether to make it a public or private team.

How do I start a meeting in Microsoft Teams? See More Details

To start a meeting in Microsoft Teams, click the “Calendar” button in the left-hand navigation bar and then click the “New meeting” button. You can then enter a name for your meeting and choose whether to make it a video meeting, audio meeting, or online meeting and invite other people to join.

What are breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams? See More Details

Breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams allow you to create sub-meetings within your Teams meetings for smaller groups to collaborate and have more meaningful discussions. You must be a meeting organizer to access and manage the breakout room option. Breakout rooms can only be created after the meeting has started and you can add up to 50 breakout rooms for a single meeting.

What are the key features of Microsoft Teams? See More Details

The key features of Microsoft Teams include:

  • Chat: Teams provides a real-time chat feature that allows you to communicate with your team members individually or in groups.
  • Meetings: Teams allows you to schedule and host online meetings with video, audio, and screen-sharing capabilities.
  • Calling: Teams allows you to make and receive voice and video calls to other Teams users, as well as to landlines and mobile phones.
  • Files: Teams provides a central location to store and share files with your team members.
  • Apps: Teams integrates with a variety of Microsoft and third-party apps, allowing you to extend the functionality of Teams to meet your specific needs.
How do I join a team in Microsoft Teams? See More Details

To join a team in Microsoft Teams, click the “Teams” button in the left-hand navigation bar and then click the “Join or create a team” button. You can then enter the name of the team you want to join or click the “Browse teams” button to search for teams.

How do I record a meeting in Microsoft Teams? See More Details

Microsoft Teams meetings or calls can be recorded to capture video, audio, and screen-sharing activity. The recording takes place in the cloud, and it is saved so you can share it with other members of your team or across your organization. While recording is in progress, you’ll see no more than four peoples’ video streams at one time. Users should update to the latest version of the Teams app for iOS and Android to take advantage of recording and video playback capabilities in Teams on mobile devices.

How much does Microsoft Teams cost? See More Details

Microsoft Teams is available for businesses of all sizes as part of Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. You can choose Microsoft Teams Essentials for $4.00 per user/month or as part of the Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan for $6.00 per user/month. Microsoft Teams also comes with the Microsoft 365 Business Standard plan for $12.50 per user/month and the Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan for $22.00 per user/month. Find the right Microsoft Teams plan for your business by scheduling a consultation with us.

What are the best Microsoft Teams Integrations? See More Details
  • Polly: With Polly, users can create polls inside of their Teams channels and view real-time results and analytics as they come in. All you need to do is mention @polly in your designated chat and customize your poll.
  • Karma: Karma is a peer engagement and recognition tool that records the “kudos” you give to your fellow employees. It helps to promote good behavior and best practices and acts as an internal scoring system where people can give each other points and move up leaderboards.
  • Trello: Trello Connector allows team members to collaboratively manage to-do lists and tasks. Everyone is kept in the loop on their work and can fully engage with Trello’s tools without leaving the Microsoft Teams interface. 
  • Wiki: Wiki is a default app in Microsoft Teams, included automatically when you create a channel, which can be used as a dedicated workspace for members to record notes. It is a great central knowledge repository, as well as an FAQ resource. 
  • ScrumGenius: ScrumGenius is a way to keep track of recurring meetings and the progress associated with meeting goals. Every day at a set time, the ScrumGenius bot prompts team members with a series of questions on what they accomplished yesterday, what they plan to do next, and any blockers they encountered.

Trusted Microsoft Teams Consulting Services in NJ and FL

Mindcore is a leading Microsoft Teams consultant in New Jersey and Florida. Our certified consultants customize Microsoft Teams to fit your company’s exact needs. We help you securely install and implement Teams and migrate your important assets, including email accounts, files, and folders to help you stay connected and organized on one platform. Our deployment and migration services support all current capabilities and features available for Microsoft Teams along with any upgrades or enhancements to give you the latest technology in Office 365. Our experts also work with your team to roadmap, assess, plan, test, install, and train your employees to successfully integrate Teams into your organization. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our IT consultants!

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Our company has the pleasure of engaging with Mindcore Technologies for their IT consulting and managed IT services, and I am beyond impressed with the level of expertise and commitment they bring to the table. This company truly stands out in providing innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses in New Jersey and across the United States.Mindcore Technologies excels in delivering a comprehensive suite of services that go beyond the conventional IT support. Their cybersecurity services are top-notch, ensuring that businesses can navigate the digital landscape securely. The team’s proficiency in implementing robust cloud services has been instrumental in enhancing operational efficiency and scalability for many organizations . I’m very satisfied with the whole team at Mindcore and the swift support on daily bases .Thank you guys for all you do.
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Henry Krzysztofiak
Just successfully migrated from Citrix to Azure. Matt and his team did an amazing job! Thank you guys. The new Azure environment is working great!
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steve direnzo
Knowledgeable and patient staff that is dedicated to providing excellent service and working toward a resolution for any potential IT issue you may come across. Highly recommend
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Glenn Cahill
Mindcore does a wonderful job with IT services for my company. The rep who set up my computer was friendly and very efficient. I would definitely recommend Mindcore Technologies for your IT and managed network services!
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Great company made up of very attentive and responsive people. Hard to imagine anyone else doing it better!
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I highly recommend Mindcore for all of your IT/cyber security needs! Great people to work with.
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Scott Wallace
Very professional organization. Very responsive and very timely on all requests. Amazing to work with! Thank you. 🙏
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Aurelian Anghelusiu
We use Mindcore for additional support when we need it. They are always professional and timely on any project. Would recommend checking them out for additional help or any strategic planning.
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Dave Rutz
Excellent service and excellent staff! My business suffered a short outage and Mind Core IT restored services within minutes. Very grateful they were able to save the day
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Tony Santiago
I have to tip my hat to the staff at Mindcore IT Services. A very knowledgeable and professional staff with great customer service. They were able to fix all current issues, that previous IT administration were not able to solve. They are definitely my go to team!
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Jose Santiago
Working with Mindcore IT Services was an extremely efficient process thanks to Mr. Noriega. He was the absolute best thanks to his knowledge and professionalism. Highly recommend 10/10!
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Alyssa Ortiz
They provided a great service very thorough it was a nice experience, thank you Mindcore IT Services! Will definitely use again.
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Kristin Santiago
The best IT service I have ever received. The staff is incredibly intelligent and open to answering all questions. 10/10 recommend
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Brianna Noriega
The best customer service! They answered all my questions and were very helpful. Would recommend to anyone!
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Jalyssa Marquez
I highly recommend Mindcore IT Services to anyone who needs it. From the customer service, to the seamless assistance and communication they provide, I would not call anyone else! They are very accommodating and patient, which is hard to find. They also work diligently within a timely manner. 10/10!
Khiara Noriega
Khiara Noriega
Mindcore was extraordinarily helpful, professional and thorough in addressing my small business needs. They were able to provide me with a communication systems that works best for my business
By far the best experience I have had with an IT company. I had the pleasure to speak to Marcos Noriega and he was very patient with me. He took his time and explained everything to me until I fully understood everything. Mr Noriega was very professional. If I ever contact Mindcore I would only hope I get Mr. Noriega again.
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brenda velez
Mind-Core has always been very helpful and tentative to us! Response is always very quickly and the support level is outstanding. There is no job too big or too small for mindcore!
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Angel Diaz
I had a great experience with Mindcore IT, got the job done efficiently and in timely fashion.
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Derek Navarro
Is nice working with J he is a nice guy always able to help people.
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Alberto Ibarra
Great company that helps improve overall performance and great professional skills on premise.
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Paul Huxtable

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