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Work is everywhere. On the road, during off-site meetings, and sometimes on far-away business trips.

With today’s mobile work environment, users need easy access to their data and applications around the clock, which is why mobile devices and apps now enable employees to be productive from anywhere, at any time.

That’s certainly great for the business—but it can complicate life for IT.

In this article, we’ll run through why this is a problem for businesses, and how to adjust your business environment for the demands of today’s workforce.

Why it can be a problem to work from anywhere, at any time

If your business is more than a few years old, then you’ve likely experienced various technology advances; like the worker’s need for remote access.

These advances have made it difficult for small to medium-sized businesses to manage the way their IT developed over time.

For most organizations, applications, systems, and servers were brought into businesses on an ad-hoc basis – often very quickly in response to an immediate need.

Without the right strategy in place, this way of building IT can quickly become an unsustainable nightmare. One that demands constant maintenance, management, patching, updating, and upgrading.

IT that grows this way forces businesses to throw more and more time, money, and resources on IT instead of into their core business – AND they end up less secure, and less productive along the way.

This is all because there have never been so many ways to get work done, and the more options people have, the more diverse the enterprise environment grows.

The more diverse the enterprise, the more difficult it becomes for IT to secure, provision, patch, update, repair, and maintain all the needed software and hardware.

For many organizations, all of this is more than just someone’s full-time job; it’s a major drain on budget and resources.

Before now, only big businesses could afford the best IT solutions, leaving smaller businesses with these expensive, patchy, and clunky imitations.

Welcome to the painful reality of today’s distributed enterprises.

Are these just growing pains on the path to a cloud-first world?

Some believe that these headaches are growing pains as businesses mobilize and move to the cloud. That once you centralize and standardize on a single cloud platform, all the headaches will go away.

Unfortunately, that’s just wishful thinking.

The fact is, we like choice, even in clouds. If you don’t have the right provider, these choices turn into headaches.

Most organizations that are already in the cloud are in multiple types—whether on-prem, off-prem, or hybrid. A recent study put the percentage at almost 81 percent, with that number rising every year.

The reason people want to choose their cloud environment?

Flexibility, plain and simple.

One cloud platform might work well for content collaboration, but it doesn’t necessarily do what you need for delivering apps or services to distant users.

The surprise for most, however, is that you don’t have to give up all the choices and flexibility to avoid the dreaded complexity that today’s distributed infrastructures create.

You just need to find a cloud specialist that can advise you and build the right cloud environment for you.

For instance, at Mindcore we work with our clients build their cloud environment at their own pace, so they can get the flexibility and choice they need, without the headaches.

We lead our clients through their cloud journey one sensible step at a time.

Then, we manage the cloud-based services for them, so owners and their IT teams can get back to what matters most— growing their business.

This is what every company deserves. It’s affordable now, so there’s really no reason to settle for less.

How to help your employees, your IT, and your agility

With the right cloud environment, employees become more productive and engaged because they get a consistent single sign-on experience, no matter how or where they work, including:

• Any device
• Any cloud
• Any network
• Any type of app—cloud/SaaS, web, mobile, Windows

On the back end, a secure digital workspace gives IT unified security and control without the cost and complexity of managing a myriad of point solutions.

It will also simplify endpoint management and security, which is a good thing since the number of network-connected devices is expected to be almost 50 billion connected devices by 2020.

The right cloud environment will help you increase business agility. It will give you the ability to onboard employees and offices faster and roll out new services and apps in less time. You—and your users—can respond to new opportunities in ways you never thought of before.

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